The Boston Public Market

Given its proximity to the North End and Faneuil Hall, many people consider the Boston Public Market to be a tourist destination.  It may well be, but it doesn’t stop a local like me from visiting at least once a week. The reason: FOOD! Lots and lots of delicious food.

The Boston Public Market features more than thirty six vendors, most of them offering some sort of food.  Craving a pastrami sandwich? This is your place. Fresh pasta? Yup, they’ve got you covered. Big bowl of noodles? You’ve got it. Bagels, crepes, smoked fish, falafel…even the pickiest of eaters can find something good here.

That includes plant-based eaters like me.  While there are many vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Boston, most restaurants in the city offer a token plant-based meal on their menus, if any.  Usually it’s a salad, or a quinoa or rice bowl. At the Boston Public Market, I have a variety of things to choose from, all in one building! The bagels at Levend Bagelry are almost all vegan (except for the cheese ones) and they have vegan cream cheese, plus two vegan sandwiches for lunch to choose from.  For something a little lighter, Mother Juice has smoothie bowls, toasts, and unique salads including my favorite, the Taco Bowl, which has house-made taco “meat” made from walnuts. Delicious. Jennifer Lee’s Bakery is allergen and gluten free (and all vegan) offering savory and sweet items. For snacks, I’m addicted to Q’s Nuts, a local company that mixes up sweet and spicy flavored nuts.  It always takes me forever to choose my flavors…it seems like they have a hundred options! And let’s not forget Union Square donuts. Who doesn’t love a donut? In addition to all of their ‘regular’ donuts they offer two vegan donuts each day. Try the cinnamon sugar…trust me, it’s the tastiest, lightest donut you’ll ever have.

Just outside the market on Fridays and Saturdays there is a fruit and vegetable market.  I hesitate to call it a farmer’s market since there aren’t any farmers here, though it is set up just like one.  The vendors sell produce that I would typically buy at the grocery store at dirt cheap prices. I’ve scored two for $1 avocados and $1 quarts of organic strawberries.  Basically, I can walk out of here with nearly a week’s worth of produce for $20. The caveat is that occasionally it isn’t always the freshest produce. Still, for the few times my berries have molded within a couple of days, I know that I’ve only spent $1 on them, and if I were smarter I’d have washed and frozen them when I bought them.  Live and learn.  In any case, it’s definitely worth checking out on a Friday or Saturday after you’ve had a chance to enjoy a good lunch inside!


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